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Chippo Golf: Golf + Cornhole!

Check a fun new golf game for everyone on display at the 2018 PGA Demo Day, Chippo Golf! Brendan and Matt (two supremely washed up athletes and the co-founders of Chippo Golf) decided to invent a game that combines the two things that 98% of the population love more than

GLT live lessons #002 | On golf course training w/ Arick Zeigel

In this video GLT associate Arick Zeigel works with a group of junior golfers at Governors Towne Golf Club. Arick is implementing his knowledge and understanding of cooperative learning in this video. Thank you so much for watching this video! We hope that you can keep up with the videos


Pretty what it says on the tin. My golfing goals for 2018. Few changes have been made which I hope will progress my playing standard.


At the beginning of the year I set myself golf objectives. This is a review to diarise whether they came to fruition. Il▶ Subscribe if you're a Youtuber :-) Il▶ Google + II▶ Instagram Il▶ Official Sony website Il▶ Mobitee website


In this video, Professional Golfer, Neil Wain talks you through alignment and how to aim correctly when you're going to hit a golf shot. For lesson enquires please get in touch

Sherman Hills Golf Club

Brooksville, Florida Check out the flyover on Eagle Vision Golf and other nearby courses at

Single Plane Golf Swing – Common Faults & Fixes Tip #1

Single Plane Golf Swing - Common Faults & Fixes Tip #1 See the school schedule here: Contact us for the Online Coaching Program Here's the link for more info: To order the Single Plane Solution DVD mentioned: Learn how to swing exactly like Moe Norman did. You can start with five

2017 PGA National Awards – Montclair Golf Club, New Jersey

2017 PGA of America Awards: Mike Strlekar, Merchandiser of the Year Mike Strlekar of Montclair Golf Club was recognized at the PGA Annual Meeting last week for his National Private Merchandiser of the Year award. Strlekar won the New Jersey PGA's Private Merchandiser of the Year honors in 2009 and 2014.

More Shoulder Turn in Golf Try these 6 exercises to help you loosen up your shoulders and address any limitations you found in our at home fitness assessment. Tight shoulders will lead to a hard time getting the club on the right path/plane for your swing.

GOLF Transition Move for “Spinners” with Tony Luczak, PGA | WIWO!

SUBSCRIBE! Click here for a FREE subscription to BE BETTER GOLF Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing Tony's Website I also am trying to travel more to interview more instructors and make more content at unique course. Please consider a donation via bitcoin to BTc address: 1Em74zJkmnuAYse7Atb3nYoS36fpsDVW3X Follow me on Instagram

Block Golf Practice vs Situation Practice

This is from Golf Smarter podcast episode 608 published Oct 24, 2017 Host Fred Greene attended a charity golf event at Lake Merced Country Club in San Francisco, CA and before the round began, teaching pro Josh Zander, PGA provided the players with a short game clinic covering chipping, pitching, bunker

How to stop hitting behind the golf ball

Here's two things you can do to stop hitting behind the golf ball. Lets stop hitting the ball fat and start striking the ball first! For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show

Golf’s Prince – April 2012

Sam Saunders, the grandson of Arnold Palmer, stops in the Bay Area for the Nationwide Tour event. Produced, written and edited by Brian Stites.