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Slovak Hockey Legend Marián Hossa

Marián Hossa je slovenský reprezentant v ľadovom hokeji. Je považovaný za jedného z najlepších útočníkov NHL a taktiež za jedného z najrýchlejších korčuliarov tejto súťaže. Reprezentoval Slovensko na viacerých medzinárodných podujatiach, vrátane štyroch Zimných olympijských hier v Salt Lake City, Turíne, Vancouveri a v Soči. Tri roky po sebe

Daily Hockey Lineups (3/14)

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Top 2 NHL Picks Friday 03/02/2018 Hockey NHL

Quick video ~ Here are my Top 2 picks, predictions, and comments for NHL hockey Friday 03/02/2018. Quick Picks NHL hockey. MArch 2, 2018. Methodology includes stats, injuries, matchups, and trends. Looking for the Edge. There are 351 college basketball teams. Data mining to find the best matchups. Major

Should Olympic Hockey be moved to the Summer games?

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Hockey legend | Sidney Crosby #87

A tribute to today's legend Sidney Crosby. 3x Stanley cups, 2x conn smythe, gold medals from Winter Olympics, World Cup, World Championship, and many more awards. He's my inspiration, in my opinion he is one of the greatest player of all time. Director: Branislav Kysucký | 2018 |

Top Picks NHL hockey Tuesday 02/20/2018 NHL

Quick video ~ Here is my top picks, predictions, and comments for NHL hockey Tuesday 02/20/2018. Quick Picks NHL hockey. February 20, 2018. There are 9 NHL hockey games today. Here is my commentary on the nine NHL hockey games. Methodology includes stats, injuries, matchups, and trends.


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How to Score Goals Everytime in Hockey – Ovechkin’s Secret

How to Score Goals Everytime in Hockey - Ovechkin's Secret Ovechkin scores an overwhelming about of his goals with just two patterns. The Quick Release and the Royal Road 1-Timer from his "Office". Obviously you need the mechanics to execute these patterns. But the patterns put you in a position to

Have you never been to a professional N.H.L. Hockey Game?

This is for someone who is "not able to make it out to a Hockey Game", like Jim Robson used to say, but not only shut ins and sick folks but anyone who perhaps wants a behind the scenes look around the arena before the game starts. It is what

Hockey Agility Workout 🏒🔥

- Get our Hockey Training Programs here! If you're looking to become more agile on the ice check out this great hockey agility workout: A1: Reverse scoop toss: 6 x 1 with 0 secs rest A2: 3-Way push up: 6 x 2 with 45 secs rest B: Double broad jump into 20yd sprint