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Crazy Golf course in Llanfairfechan

A view of the Crazy Golf course in Llanfairfechan on Friday 12th January 2018. We first visited the course in August 2009 and we didn't expect the remnants to still be there on this occasion. You can see what the course looked like back then on the blog at

GLT live lessons #002 | On golf course training w/ Arick Zeigel

In this video GLT associate Arick Zeigel works with a group of junior golfers at Governors Towne Golf Club. Arick is implementing his knowledge and understanding of cooperative learning in this video. Thank you so much for watching this video! We hope that you can keep up with the videos

PT Takes On Mini Golf | Part: 1

Some of the PT Crew heads up to Tacoma to play some mini golf, but not not without putting the PTChampionship on the line. Primal Target: - - - Music: (In Order of appearance) Disco's Over - Lonely Island PTII (feat. PRXZM) [NCS Release] ▽ Follow Disco's Over SoundCloud Facebook Twitter ▽ Follow PRXZM (vocalist) SoundCloud Twitter Facebook Track:

golf time!! plus new intro

Hey what's up! this is a little video, sorry I didn't edit this much since it took 3 days to get the intro working, where I used my Sony point and shoot 18 megapixels, I have a new camera which will be what I will be shooting on from now