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Shaunjon –vs– X | (1v1 basketball: by V1F)

Last week, we promised to set up a certain new player if I got 200 likes. The player backed out again for the second time, so apologies for wasting your time and mine. This match up is part of our ongoing series to find the next V1F Champ

Tennis brutality – Return winners that SHUT THE DOOR IN YOUR FACE

A lot of drama and emotions in this compilation of decicive return winners in the later stages of tennis matches and sets. Tennis greats like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal are featured, but also some lower ranked player like John Isner, Santi Giraldo and Fernando Verdasco.

IL VOLO LIBERO – Tennis on the Beat

Metodo che applica tutte le componenti della musica al tennis.Il fine e` sia di migliorare la performance ad alti livello che far crescere i bambini con i giusti requisiti di ritmo. Molti giovani Atp e giovanissimi si sono sperimentati con il puoi trovare su

MINI hoop trick shots Part 2| Baseball Boys

Hi guys, I just want to say to you thank you soooo much for your support on this channel for watching our videos. I just wanted to say this because we are almost at 200 subscribers! In other thoughts, this video is the second video about the first "MINI hoop trick

The Golf Shaft

The Golf Shaft, the most important component of all.

My Soccer Highlight Reel

Watch my soccer highlight reel from the 2017 season at Benedictine High School in Cleveland, Ohio.

Soccer Spin Kick to the Face

Kid accidentally kicks his friend in the face, while trying the most epic soccer spin kick of his life. There was no second attempt. We buy and Sell clips. To license reference 12351, and contact Subscribe to for more great videos! Facebook

18 Hole Tour of Siena Golf Club in Las Vegas

Please Donate @ Thank You! Donations are for purchasing cameras & recording time to create golf entertainment, and to build the future of golf. Donations will be realized with rewards.

Impact Game For Global Goal 17: Football Tennis

The Global Goals Impact Games are about togetherness and understanding the UN 17 Global Goals while playing ball. We believe sport is a beautiful way to communicate and create change. Through sport we can enhance curiosity, build health, develop the mind and trust within people. Our goal is to inspire children, coaches,