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Fantasy Football 2017 Draft Prep Q&A with Chris Meaney | FNTSY Live Wire

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Tim Gilbert and Chris Meaney are talking about everything to need to know for your fantasy football draft prep and taking your questions! Today, there’s no such thing as a dumb question – what do you need to know for fantasy football 2017?

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6 thoughts on “Fantasy Football 2017 Draft Prep Q&A with Chris Meaney | FNTSY Live Wire

  1. Pat Mayo. Jake Ciely. Chris Meaney.
    The Fantasy Footballers.
    All provide great insight while
    staying entertaining. 👏👍

  2. Anybody feel free to give a opinion here. I have a few players who nobody really speaks of who I feel might be really good this year. First is tyrell williams la chargers I know they drafted Mike williams and they have keenen allen but it seems tyrell can break out seeing as those two are injury prone and tyrell has already been productive so my question is, is tyrell williams a good wr2 or wr3 second is I want to know what you guys think about will fuller on the Texans because defenses already know to key in on Hopkins leaving fuller with more one on one’s and he’s a fast guy not to mention they might have some above average qb play this year so is will fuller someone worth a spot on a roster is my question. And last but not least is about the bears. They have a bunch of receivers most of whom are injured or have been injury prone my question is if merideth is taken are any other receivers on the bears worth drafting ? Victor Cruz kevin white or Marcus wheaton hell even Zach miller? Let me know what you guys think

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